Apartment Così Come A Casa


My name is Rosa and I live at Lago Maggiore.

For several years I manage, with the help of my husband Giuseppe, my B & B with some success.
I’ve met people from all over the world. I like my work and it keeps me very busy.

Some time ago, my daughter Laura and her family, moved to live in an apartment that used to be my Bed & Breakfast in the past.

It was not an easy or sudden decision. Giuseppe and I had so many projects that we were considering also with Laura, and at the end we decided for this solution.

The idea of being close, especially seeing our beautiful granddaughters, Elisa and Serena grow up before our eyes, filled us with enthusiasm.

How could I close a B&B that I have “put upward” and organized with so much effort and commitment? And what would happen with all of our guests that over time have become our friends?

After making significant changes to the house, I was able to give Laura the opportunity to live comfortably with her family in her new apartment, and at the same time I thought of using two rooms of my apartment on the first floor.

The den, which we usually use in the winter for our celebrations with friends, it has been adapted for the preparation of breakfast. But in the summer, breakfast is served in the large summer kitchen that is located in the garden.

This way, I keep and will continue to meet and host new people to pamper and cuddle. In return, they will enrich my life with their experiences and curiosity.

I think I did the right think.

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